USCIS Translations – Certified Translations for Immigration

“Certified Translation: A formal statement in which a translator shows that they (sic) have accurately translated a foreign-language document into English. Any foreign document must be accompanied by a full English translation that the translator has certified as complete and correct, and by the translator’s certification that he or she is competent to translate the foreign language into English”.

USCIS Guidelines – Last Reviewed/updated 03/19/201

Our certified translations comply with all the USCIS requirements mentioned above. Whether you are applying for a student visa, H-1B, L1, Permanent Residence, US citizenship, or any other USCIS process, you can rest assured that your documents will have attached a professional certified translation in full compliance.

These are some of the documents we translate for USCIS:

🗸 Birth Certificates
🗸 Marriage Certificates
🗸 Divorce Decrees
🗸 Death Certificates
🗸 Background Checks
🗸 Affidavits
🗸 Utility Bills
🗸 Bank Statements
🗸 Bank Reference Letters
🗸 Personal Letters

🗸 Lease Agreements
🗸 Corporate documents
🗸 Articles of Incorporation
🗸 Minutes of Meetings
🗸 Income Tax Returns
🗸 Balance Sheets
🗸 Financial Statements
🗸 Annual Reports
🗸 Pay Stubs
🗸 Invoices


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