Certified Translations of Foreign Notarizations

When one of the parties in a real estate transaction is out of the country, the closing documents have to be mailed to their location for execution before a notary public duly commissioned in that jurisdiction. The Notary Public will execute a signature acknowledgment to certify that the party signed before him/her. These signature acknowledgments are written in the official language of the country where the documents are signed. The duly executed documents are then sent back to the US for recording purposes with the Clerk of the Courts. In order to be accepted for recording, all parts of these documents, including the notarizations, written in a foreign language must be translated into English.

We provide certified translations of signature acknowledgments in:

🗸 Warranty Deeds
🗸 Corporate Resolutions
🗸 Mortgage Contracts/Deeds
🗸 Name Affidavits
🗸 Non-Identity Affidavit
🗸 Mortgage Contracts
🗸 Quit Claim Deeds
🗸 Lease Assignment Acceptances
🗸 Etc.

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