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Diploma – Mexico III

Tranlanguage Diploma - Mexico III

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The certified translation of this document is drafted in a special official format containing the logo of the company, the phrase "certified translation" on the top right, and the company contact information in the footer, including address, phone number and email address. It also includes the certification, stamp and signature of the certified translator and all other elements necessary to be considered an official document. The certification contains, among other details, place and date of issuance, full name of the certified translator, member number of the ATA (American Translators Association) and language combination.

Tranlanguage - Certified TranslationMost common uses:

  • USCIS (immigration),
  • Passport applications,
  • Employment applications,
  • Legal processes,
  • any other official procedure.


1 business day. If the order is placed on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, it will be considered placed the next business day.
If the order is placed before noon, we will make our best efforts to deliver it before the end of the day, but we cannot guarantee it.

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This certified translation is an official document valid and accepted by all official institutions in the USA.

Full Compliance Guaranty

This official certified translation includes a Full Compliance Guaranty. This means that we guaranty that it contains all the elements to be considered an official document, and that it will be accepted. This certified translation has never been rejected by any government agency or private institution.

To learn the difference between Certified Translations and Notarized Translations, please click here.

Delivery Options

You can choose between four delivery options (you select it in the next screen):

  • Electronic certified translation sent by e-mail (no additional charge)
  • Office Pick Up of hard copy (no additional charge)
  • Hard copy sent by USPS Priority Mail (additional $10.00)
  • Hard copy sent by FedEx Overnight (additional $30.00)

USCIS (Immigration)

If the purpose of this translation is to submit it to USCIS for an immigration application, we strongly recommend that you choose to receive the electronic certified translation by e-mail. Since USCIS does not require original documents, and even encourage applicants to send copies of all the documents, you can perfectly print the electronic translation that we send you by e-mail, attach it to a copy of the original document and simply add it to the rest of the documents in your USCIS application. If you apply online on the USCIS website, the electronically signed .pdf file that we send you is ready for upload on the application page.

The electronic certified translation sent by e-mail is the most convenient form of receiving your translation anywhere in the United States. There is no extra cost, and you receive it as soon as we finish it, you do not have to wait days for the mail to arrive.

It is very important to mention that we have been delivering electronic certified translations by e-mail for almost twenty years and they have never ever been rejected by USCIS.

US Passport

If this translation is for a US passport application, the electronic certified translation sent by e-mail will not work. You will need the hard copy translation hand signed by the certified translator. The US Department of State requires all original documents in passport applications. Therefore, you will have to either, pick up your certified translation from our office or, if you are not close, we will have to mail it to you by USPS or FedEx.

For more information about certified translation formats, please click here.

Company Reputation

Our company reputation is by far our most valued and cherished asset. We have been working very hard each and every day from the very beginning to keep our customers 100% satisfied and to build up a solid business reputation, both online and in our community.

You can verify our customer satisfaction by checking some of our online reviews on Google My Business, Trustpilot, Yellow Pages, Manta and Yelp.

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