Certified Translation Turnaround

What is your normal turnaround? When are my translations going to be ready?

We offer same day delivery for the translation of regular sized documents, if the translation order is placed before noon, and a 24 hour turnaround if the translation order is placed in the afternoon.

In case of longer documents, please request a free quote and we will inform you our fastest turnaround possible. However, these turnaround guidelines do not apply to special urgent cases. If you need an urgent translation, contact us immediately. Regardless of the number of pages, we will do our best to meet your needs.

“When will I receive my certified Translation order?”

Once we have your certified translation order ready and shiny, you might probably wonder when you will receive it. That will depend on your chosen delivery option.

If you chose to receive it by e-mail, we will send you a digitally signed pdf file immediately after we finish it.

In case your option was USPS priority mail, you will receive it in between 2 and 4 business days after we finish it. In this case, the exact time may vary depending on your location.

If you chose to receive them by FedEx, you will receive it on the next business day after we finish it.

“What happens when I place an order during the weekend?”

All orders received during the weekend will be considered to be placed in the morning on the next business day (e.g. if you place and order on Saturday afternoon, it will be considered placed on Monday morning, as long as Monday is not a holiday. Therefore, the certified translation will be delivered either on Monday afternoon or on Tuesday morning, depending on the document.)

Do you need to know the turnaround before placing the order? No problem. Just drop us an email at info@tranlanguage.com or request a free quote. We will send you a no obligation quote in minutes that will clear your doubt.


Questions? Call us at (305) 440-4773.