Certified Translation Formats Offered

We offer two main Certified Translation formats:

Electronic: Digitally signed pdf file delivered by email.
Hard Copy: Printed, hand signed and stamped, delivered by USPS Priority Mail, Fedex, or picked up from our office.

Electronic Certified Translations

“Are your emailed translations accepted?”

We guaranty the acceptance of our electronic translations by those institutions that do not require original signatures.

For example, we know that USCIS, based on our experience of many years, does not require original documents to support immigration applications. Therefore, printouts of our electronic certified translations are perfectly valid for USCIS. These certified translations include a digital signature and stamp.

It is worth mentioning that our customers have been submitting printouts of our electronic certified translations to USCIS for many years. They never rejected them.

Email vs Regular Mail

“What is the difference between the electronic certified translations that you send by email and the hard copy translations that your send by regular mail?”

Technically both translations are exactly the same. Same elements, same accuracy, same formalities and same process to create them. The only difference is the format and delivery method.

Emailed Translations are electronic translations in pdf format. They contain a digital signature and stamp. On the other hand, hard copy translations are printed and they include a hand signature and stamp.

In most cases, the electronic certified translation is accepted as valid like a hard copy. However, in some cases, the original hand signed hard copy is required.

School Documents

“I need a certified translation of my high school diploma and transcript for my school admission application. Will the electronic certified translation be accepted by my school/college?”

Regarding the certified translation of documents for school admissions, like diplomas or transcripts, applicants need to confirm in advance with the school admission department the acceptance of electronically signed translations.

To be on the safe side, we usually recommend the printed version since each school/college has its own policies and we cannot guarantee that a digitally signed translation will be acceptable. However, if the school confirms you that the electronic version is fine, that will allow you to save money and speed up the process, since you will receive your translations faster and you will not incur in mail charges.

Passport Applications

“I need my birth certificate translated for my US passport application, which translation format should I order?”

The electronic version will not work in this case. US passport agencies require all original documents. Therefore, you need the printed, hand signed and stamped traditional certified translation that we can send by regular mail or you can pick up from our office.

Not sure about what format you need?
No problem. Just drop us an email at info@tranlanguage.com or call us at (305) 440-4773 to find out.