Certified Vs Notarized Translations

Certified Vs Notarized, most people confuse these terms.

“Are you going to notarize my translations?”

Notaries Public have no authority to certify translations. All government agencies, including USCIS, reject “notarized” (not certified) translations. We provide CERTIFIED translations. They include the signature and stamp of a certified translator, member of the American Translators Association, as per requirements of all government agencies and official institutions.

Certified Translations do not need a notarization to be valid. Most institutions accept them as official documents with only the signature of the certified translator. However, some agencies also require a “notarized certificate” in addition to the certified translation. This is an extra step by which a Notary Public acknowledges the signature of the certified translator. This is an additional step, which does not replace the certification. They always require a certification by a Certified Translator.

Therefore, if you need a notarized certificate added to your certified translation, we can provide it for an extra $10.00 to cover the notary public charge.

Not sure if you need a notarized certificate as well?

No problem. Just drop us an email at info@tranlanguage.com or call us at (305) 440-4773 to find out.